The minimum feed-in tariffs and green bonuses for 2010 have been set by the Czech Energy Regulatory Office.

The bonuses are payable to generators of electricity from renewable resources, who may choose whether to receive feed-in tariffs or green bonuses.

The price of wind-generated power has been reduced, while the price of water and biomass energy has been increased.

The prices are intended to enable investors in renewable energy to receive a return on their investment within 15 years.

The minimum feed-in tariff /green bonuses for 2010 payable to renewable energy facilities put into operation in 2010 are (in CZK/MWh, excluding VAT):

  • small hydroelectric power stations: 3,000 / 2,030
  • biomass (depends on category of biomass): 4,580 - 3,530 - 2,630 / 3,610 - 2,560 - 1,660
  • biogas (depends on category of facility): 4,120 - 3,550 / 3,150 - 2,580
  • wind: 2,230 / 1,830
  • geothermal energy: 4,500 / 3,530

The minimum feed-in tariff /green bonuses for solar energy for 2010 will be announced at the end of November 2009.

Law: Price Decree 4/2009; Act on the Promotion of Use of Renewable Resources No. 180/2005 Coll.

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