Mr Lanston Connor, 27, has been promoted to the position of Registrar of Commercial Activities at the Government of Anguilla’s Financial Services Department with immediate effect. He succeeds Alan Jones who is returning to the United Kingdom after a three-year secondment from Companies House.

Mr Jones’ role has largely been involved with the installation and implementation of Anguilla’s Commercial Online Registration Network (ACORN) the world’s first, instant, on-line company registration system.

Mr Connor will take over the management of Anguilla’s first-class company registry; oversee and develop the range of other commercial activities including trademarks and patents within the Government’s Financial Services department. Backed by a team of five Mr Connor reports to John Lawrence, the Director of Financial Services, and the regulator of Anguilla’s world-standard financial services. Mr Connor is also an active member of the joint Anguilla Financial Services Association/Government of Anguilla Marketing and Promotional Committee.

Upon his appointment Mr Connor said:

"Anguilla’s financial services are firmly on the world map and I am delighted to be responsible for its lynchpin, ACORN, the most innovative company registration system in the world. Anguilla’s commercial requirements are varied and growing and we are committed to serving the local and global community by providing a well-regulated and quality range of services and a company registry service that is second to none."

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