Employers and the self-employed in Slovakia will be able to draw aid from the state for a longer period: until the end of September of this year, according to the Labour Ministry's proposal. Originally, the First Aid scheme should have been in effect only until the end of July. The aim of the proposal was to extend the period of the project until the time when the Government approves a bill introducing a permanent mechanism for supporting shortened working week schemes.

In addition, the minimum monthly wage for 2021 should be EUR 620, which represents an increase of EUR 40 per month compared to 2020. The deadline for the other two partners in the tripartite (employers and trade unions) to reach an agreement on the minimum wage expired on Wednesday. Labour Minister Milan Krajniak noted that if he hadn't presented a proposal on behalf of the Government, the minimum wage would have been increased automatically for 2021. It is not yet clear whether they will freeze the minimum wage in relation to night and weekend work and holiday bonuses.

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