It is real, influencers are under scrutiny. Given the fact that influencers have become a new mean of advertisement, the Colombian Consumer Protection Authority has initiated several investigations to secure consumer's rights.

In 2020, the Colombian Consumer Protection Authority issued a guide to explain how influencers should comply with the Consumer Protection Statute. Based on this guide and the Statute, the Authority has initiated and sanction several influencers based on deceiving information.

The most recent investigations refer to four influencers: Yina Calderón, Yeferson Cossio, Luisa Castro and Mariam Obregón. Who are among the top ten influencers of Colombian origin, who besides their commercial abilities are so well known that frequently political candidates seek them as endorsers of their campaigns.

Against Yina Calderón, the investigation refers to the failure to comply with an order previously issued by the Colombian Consumer Protection Authority, to provide clear and precise information regarding the delivery time and the rules to exchange the promoted goods.

As for Yeferson Cossio, the investigation points to unsubstantiated objective affirmations of the "Cossio Method" to monetized in social media.

Both Luisa Castro and Mariam Obregón are required to inform about the money collection services being promoted though their social media, as said kind of services must be authorized by the Financial Superintendence. Moreover, the relation with the advertiser is not disclosed.

In conclusion, no new way to advertise goods or services, escapes the scope of the Consumer Protection Statute and the Colombian Consumer Protection Authority.

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