Introducing our Discovery & Digital Forensics Services

Each year businesses around the world face a growing number of risks that could potentially jeopardize hundreds of billions of euros. They are victimized by fraud and theft of assets, embroiled in complex litigation or business disputes, and face accusations of financial mismanagement or malfeasance.

Among these risks, the threat of reputation-damaging legal actions is substantial. Brought by competitors, shareholders, regulators, and a company's own employees, lawsuits involving patents, large-scale class action issues, labour disputes, allegations of fraud, cyber-attacks and countless other issues can consume valuable corporate resources across legal jurisdictions and in any area of the world.

In our days, evidence in a case is not going to be primarily from tape recorders, paper documents or handwritten notes. Instead, evidence will reside in electronic format, documents, spreadsheets, emails, social media accounts, in the cloud, or moreover on smart phones and tablets (emails, instant messages, chats).

To confront these challenges promptly, businesses and their legal counsel can benefit from the assistance of our Discovery & Digital Forensic investigation professionals. Our professionals can provide many of the specialized services necessary to support a company's position and help them in their efforts to prevail.

How we can help

Deloitte Discovery & Digital Forensics helps organisations control the costs and mitigate the risks associated with the investigation process by:

  • Maintaining chain-of-custody records and tracking activity to address authenticity of data and process concerns.
  • Recommending and implementing solutions that fit the case at hand (and not a "one size fits all" solution).
  • Coordinating investigation and discovery efforts including documentation for process reproducibility and transparent reporting.
  • Applying sophisticated techniques and use of software designed to the organisation's requirements.
  • Maintaining data security protocols, including the use of strong data encryption.
  • Providing large-scale, redundant hosted environments for storage and access.
  • Assisting companies in the development of litigation readiness programs to respond efficiently and effectively when faced with discovery requests.

Turn to Deloitte Discovery & Digital Forensics

  • Our professionals utilize sophisticated technology and provide for the security and integrity of your data.
  • Our team has the right mix of industry and technical experience to manage the investigation and discovery process smoothly from start to finish.
  • We help our clients to manage the scope and cost of the work.
  • We're nimble and able to mobilize a skilled team anywhere in the world on short notice.

The Deloitte Difference

Forensic specialists. Our diverse team bring specialized technical and business knowledge. We have witnesses that have testified in court, arbitration, regulatory, and other proceedings globally.

Our experienced teams of forensic specialists have extensive technical and investigative knowledge and we have a global network of over 3000 forensic and financial crime professionals in 50 countries to assist with investigations. We bring value to our clients across numerous technical areas including forensic investigations, mobile device discovery and examinations, expert witness services and cyber incident response.

Industry-focused. Deloitte leverages in-depth knowledge of industry sectors based on years of experience working closely with our clients.

Local & Global reach. Our local team has extensive experience in local as well as global forensic engagements, and is equipped with latest technology tools, methodologies and procedures. We are also able to draw from the experience of 200,000 professionals within the network of the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firms and their affiliates. This access enables us to address a wide range of cross-border issues impacting people, process and technology.

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