While relocating to Cyprus has been a complicated endeavour for some time, the recent global pandemic has made things more challenging. The previous modus operandi was as follows: in the case of European Union citizens, there was the legal obligation to register with the Civil Registry and Migration Department, and for the Third-Country nationals to provide a whole array of documentation in relation to the individual and the hiring entity. However, in an effort by the government to keep all its residents safe from the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), things have changed and become increasingly more intricate.

As of now, as per the Cyprus Flight Pass (CFP), individuals who want to relocate to Cyprus must oblige to different COVID-19 related protocols based on their country of departure. All countries are categorized into groups (A, B, and C) according to their epidemiological situation. The lists is updated every week and may be found here: https://cyprusflightpass.gov.cy/en/country-categories. In broad terms, countries in category A have the most favourable epidemiological status, while countries in Category B have less favourable status and Category C with the least favourable status.

If one arrives from a Category A country, it is smooth sailing as no measures need to be taken other than completing the CFP. If instead, the individual arrives from a Category B country, aside from the CFP, the individual will also need to present a negative PCR results for COVID-19, performed by a certified laboratory during the last 72-hours. Finally - and this is where things get more complicated - anyone who arrives from a Category C country will need to apply for a Special Permit, which requires the individual to present sound arguments regarding the need to relocate and provide all relevant documentation. 

With the ongoing pandemic, things are not what they used to be. New obstacles to employees' and entrepreneurs' mobility have emerged and it is imperative that companies and individuals are attentive and take all the appropriate steps to ensure smooth traveling and relocation to Cyprus. As EY Cyprus, our Immigration Team is here to guide you through your relocation process during these difficult times and keep you updated as developments are fluid.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.