By now, Malta has been the country of choice for a number of famed films. Since 1925, when 'Sons of the Sea' was the first feature film to be shot in Malta, the island has welcomed hundreds of different productions which were partly or entirely filmed here. The success story of the island stems from a number of factors, though the most notable mentions can be summarized as follows:

  • A pro-business environment seeking to attract foreign business to the island
  • Highly skilled and experienced workforce in the industry
  • An excellent quality of Mediterranean life
  • Political stability and safe environment
  • Enticing rebates on eligible expenditure up to 27%
  • Long hours of day light and epic Mediterranean sceneries
  • State-of the art water tanks facility
  • Very competitive rates for crews, artists and extras
  • English is an official language and is widely spoken on the island
  • Well connect with regular flights from all major cities in Europe
  • Efficient tax system
  • Designated "Film Commission" to assist in the promotion of the industry
  • Malta Film Fund, to offer financial support to Maltese films
  • A member of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production


The Landscape

The Maltese archipelago islands offer a diverse landscape, rich in cultural history and full baroque structures, forts and churches that has been used as a double for both historic and modern environments, situated in Middle East and the Mediterranean in general.

Malta also boasts some of the most clear and clean waters in the Mediterranean as well as a number of idyllic beaches, both rocky and sandy.

The total surface area of the islands is 316 km², making it relatively easy to reach any point in the island in a short time.

The Climate

Malta has a typical Mediterranean climate, with very mild winters and a long summer season. The average temperature in Malta is around 19°C and there are over 3,000 hours of sunshine per annum.

According to 'International Living', Malta is the state with the best climate in the world.

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