Three decades ago, Ghana's beverage sector was largely dominated by global brands like Guinness and Coca Cola, which were being produced locally. Homegrown brands such as Accra Breweries Limited and Fan Milk Limited were also active in the market and there was also a new wave of indigenous brands such as Kasapreko Company Limited. Notwithstanding the growing number and types of brands, the preference of consumers held up the market dominance of the global brands thus making it difficult for the local brands to gain a significant share of the market.

Since the mid-2000s, consumers have become more adventurous in brand selection and more accommodating of homegrown/indigenous brands, due to improvements in product quality, packaging, marketing, and distribution. Further, national campaigns that promote patronage of locally manufactured products have also yielded significant results in the beverage sector; there has been a proliferation of several homegrown/indigenous brands of large, medium, and small sizes. For instance, the emergence of indigenous brands such as Adonko Bitters, and Special Ice in the 2000s.

We have also seen significant investment by existing beverage producers and new entrants alike and expect more in the future as the market grows increasingly accommodative and adventurous.

The 2021 Ghana Beverage Sector report provides comprehensive insights on the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage market, across different cities in Ghana, to provide a guide to future investments in the sector.

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