According to the official communications, the Hungarian Government is determined to make steps towards the simplification of the public administration while increasing its quality.

The Government Windows (in Hungarian: 'Kormányablak'), which were first opened in 2014 as a part of a reform to separate front office and back office functions in the public administration and to reduce the administrative burdens, now play an important role in the public administration. The project was successful, the Government Windows were visited 14.5 million times in 2018, and the average waiting time was around 15 minutes. There are at least 1500 types of cases that can be dealt with on these surfaces, and the Hungarian Government wishes to increase this number even more in the future.

Based on the Government's announcement made in January 2019, there are preparations for a new land registry system. Currently, land registry offices accept documents only in printed form. There is an ongoing preparation for an online land registry service, where citizens could submit their requests online, and the paperwork would be abolished from the procedure. The system is planned to start in 1-1.5 years at the latest, and the Hungarian Government also plans to reduce the legal and administrative costs of the procedures.

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