Are you dealing with IFRS 9 reporting for a bank which is under the supervision of CSSF? Can you confidently answer YES to these 8 key questions?

  • Has your bank included all relevant elements in its methodology used to calculate expected credit losses (ECL), especially calibration of input parameters, discounting factors and scenarios?
  • Does your bank consider all reasonable and supportable information for the assessment of significant Increase in credit risk (SICR) including qualitative factors?
  • Does your bank over-rely on the 30 days past due backstop?
  • Has your bank conducted a proper business model assessment taking into account relevant factors like sales level, remuneration targets, and risk management?
  • Has your bank included discounting and considered interest accruals for the calculation of ECL?
  • Has your bank incorporated forward-looking information/macroeconomic information during the assessment of SICR and/or the calculation of ECL?
  • Has your bank finalized the relevant internal procedures related to IFRS 9?
  • Has your bank adequately adapted its impairment model for local specificities if the model is set up on group level?
  • Has your bank a policy that documents all of the above?

Did you answer NO to any of these questions? If so, then don't delay. Act now! First, read our blog on the IFRS 9 follow-up study issued by CSSF, which gives more background about the questions raised above. If you need further assistance, KPMG can help you. Click here for our IFRS services or learn more about our Risk Advisory team.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.