PERTH: HBA Legal has become the latest law firm to support Pride in Law, as the association dedicated to the LGBTIQ+ legal community expands into Western Australia.

Starting in Queensland in 2017, and then branching into Western Australia this year, Pride in Law seeks to erase homophobia, gender inequality, and other affronts to individuals, families, and communities by educating the legal community about LGBTIQ+ issues. At inception, it was the first time in Australian history that an independent legal association was formed for LGBTIQ+ legal professionals.

HBA Legal's Managing Director Brett Ablong said diversity and inclusion had always been high on HBA's workplace agenda and supporting Pride in Law was a natural fit.

"We have an incredibly diverse group of people working at HBA, including a number of LGBTIQ+, so being part of Pride in Law is a public symbol of support for those individuals and we look forward to helping drive this important agenda within the legal community more broadly."

HBA's support of Pride in Law comes just weeks after HBA Partner Dr Andrew Lu OAM joined a panel discussion at the University of Western Australia on Wear it Purple Day 2020, hosted by Out for Australia, with the theme 'Out at Work'.

Mr Ablong added: "I would also like to take this chance to highlight the work that my colleague Dr Andrew Lu OAM continues to do within the WA community in particular. It is though efforts like Andrew's that real change is created which benefits everyone because a more accepting society is a better society for all."

Dr Lu said: "Fostering a workplace culture where everyone is able to speak their truth and be themselves helps to empower these diverse voices."

Pride in Law's founder and National Director Dean Clifford-Jones said he was thrilled to raise the profile of Pride in Law in Western Australia thanks to HBA Legal.

"As an association wholly run by volunteers, every connection and piece of visibility helps drive the change to greater inclusion. Being involved in the Western Australia legal community, including with HBA Legal, is truly a milestone for our LGBTIQ+ Law Association," Mr Clifford-Jones said.

"On a personal note, I know there is positive change occurring all around us. I only have to look back to my own childhood, wherein it was a crime to be gay in parts of Australia during the majority of my schooling years. When we jump forward to 2020, we should pause and celebrate how far we've come thanks to leaders like Andrew Lu at HBA Legal."

Pride in Law is expected to host a formal launch in Perth when COVID precautions permit.


About Pride in Law
Pride in Law seeks to help members directly and indirectly through:

  • Visible Legal Education: Organise scholarly forums to engage lawyers and their allies in current LGBTIQ+ legal debates through visible events.
  • Professional Networking: Coordinate monthly lawyer-to-lawyer networking meetings. Pride in Law holds monthly socials and quarterly legal networking events.
  • Advocacy in the Law: Collaborate with a wide range of lawyers across multiple disciplines to confront pressing issues involving the LGBTIQ+ community and their allies.

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