As part of the 2022 Federal minimum Award wage increase, the Fair Work Commission delayed increases under Awards for several particularly beleaguered industries. These minimum wage increases take effect from1 October 2022, rather than 1 July 2022 (when all other Award minimum wages increased).

  • The relevant Awards are:
  • Aircraft Cabin Crew Award
  • Airline Operations - Ground Staff Award
  • Air Pilots Award
  • Airport Employees Award
  • Airservices Australia Enterprise Award 2016
  • Alpine Resorts Award
  • Hospitality Industry (General) Award
  • Marine Tourism and Charter Vessels Award
  • Registered and Licensed Clubs Award
  • Restaurant Industry Award

The Federal minimum wage (for Pty Ltd companies, most incorporated associations and foreign entities) increased by 5.2% to $812.60 per week (or $21.38 per hour) from 1 July 2022. Increases to rates under the federal Awards (including those listed above) is be 4.6 percent for wages above $869.60 per week and $40 per week for those below that figure.

It is important that all employers take the opportunity to:

  • Check whether they are in the Federal (national) or State system;
  • Check which Awards (if any) apply to their employees;
  • Work out into which classification each employee falls;
  • Confirm that all employees' hourly rates exceed the minimum wage (including any casual loading, penalties, and overtime rates);
  • Update any employment contracts or individual flexibility arrangements.

Underpaying an employee or otherwise breaching a modern Award can result in penalties for both an employer and directors or other officers.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.