Torys is proud to announce its multi-year partnership with the DMZ, a leading tech incubator that has received past recognition as the #1 university-based incubator in the world. Under the partnership, Torys will provide hands-on support to founders across the incubator's cohorts and specialty streams, including its Black Innovation Programs (BIP) and Women Founders Programs.

Torys, an international law firm with extensive startup and VC experience, will be providing workshops, mentorship and office hours to founders at each stage of their journey throughout the DMZ's programming, ensuring they have customized, strategic business and legal advice as they scale.

"We're working closely with Torys to accelerate the growth of the DMZ's women-led and Black-led startups. Torys' hands-on support will give our founders the insights and resources needed to build and grow profitable ventures by providing access to legal expertise and a valuable network of mentors", stated Abdullah Snobar, Executive Director of the DMZ.

Head of Torys' Emerging Companies and VC practice Konata Lake said that Torys and the DMZ share a mission to connect entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed.

"We are a stronger society when all individuals have access to the support they need to participate in our economy. Torys is proud to partner with the DMZ to give founders the support they need through the DMZ Incubator, Black Innovation Programs (BIP) and Women Founders Programs", explained Konata.

The partnership is another example of Torys' commitment to the startup ecosystem. In addition to supporting various other accelerators and incubators, the firm was a corporate-in-residence at the Catalyst Cyber Accelerator. Founded by the DMZ and Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, the program was Canada's first commercial accelerator for cybersecurity scale-ups.

For more information on the work Torys does to support startups and the VCs, lenders and strategic investors who finance them, reach out to our team.

You can learn more about the DMZ, the Black Innovation Programs and Women Founders Programs on the DMZ's website.