Overview & Audience

Race discrimination legislation in employment began its journey in Britain over 50 years ago, in 1968. Yet troublingly in 2020, only 1.5% of senior positions are held by black people, despite them making up 3% of the UK population – and Business in the Community, a business-led membership organisation, identified that there has been hardly any difference in the number of BAME workers in professional roles since 2014.

In the wake of growing support for the longstanding Black Lives Matters movement, more businesses are assessing the ways they can encourage and maintain racial diversity in the workplace.

In our webinar, we look at why racial diversity is such an important topic for employers, and what steps they can take now to tackle racial diversity and inclusion and make an impact on ethnicity pay equality in their workforce.


  • Why is racial diversity an important topic for employers, and why now?
  • The parallels between race and sex equality issues
  • Positive action, data monitoring and issues around collecting ethnicity data
  • Other strategies and initiatives for attracting more BAME employees, and for addressing lack of diversity at more senior levels
  • Ethnicity pay reporting