If there is a common theme we are hearing from our clients this year, it is how they best adapt to a rapidly changing workplace.

Our Workplace Law & Culture partner Amber Sharp has highlighted that workplace changes in the last decade have not been driven by legislation but rather culture.

The #metoo movement, ever-changing technology and what our recently appointed partner Katherine Ruschen has described as an Age of Inquiries are examples of these cultural shifts.

All of these trends are causing tectonic shifts in the way our workplaces operate.

A lot of this change is positive, leading to more diverse, equitable and engaging places to work.

Some of it is challenging as companies face a new era of compliance and scrutiny.

So how can organisations best respond?

From Bartier Perry's perspective there are three things we're focusing on.

Helping our clients to be ahead of what's happening

Our Workplace Law & Culture team, including recently appointed Special Counsel Linda Mackinlay,  know the law but increasingly it's about applying it in the framework of a very different office environment and culture from even five years ago. James Mattson and Darren Gardner comment on these new and emerging challenges from  career ruining tweets  to the potential perils of having Artificial Intelligence  running your HR strategy. The team this month gave a seminar on The Modern Workplace which summarises these trends which you can see here.

Understanding where technology and innovation can best benefit clients

The head of  our Innov8 committee Priti Joshi believes most clients care less about the technology firms are using and more about their work being done efficiently and securely. Innov8 is not about a committee sitting around talking about innovation but rather making sure the best ideas from around Bartier Perry become a reality. You can hear more from Priti  here.  

Focusing on our culture

Since joining the firm as CEO, the consistent internal and external  feedback I've had  is that people enjoy and value Bartier Perry's culture. That's not something I or the firm take for granted. The  importance of culture is something that as CEO I'm passionate about. Great cultures change and evolve while at their core keeping true to their values. As a law firm we understand the crucial importance of adhering to compliance but we recognise culture as ultimately being the driver of long-term success and sustainability.

We are always interested to hear about the approach our clients are taking to these issues so that we both better meet your legal needs and learn new ideas that we can implement internally.