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4. Results: Answers
Tips and traps
What would be your recommendations to companies faced with a cartel investigation and what potential pitfalls would you highlight?

Answer ... An allegation of cartel violation under the Competition Law is serious. Therefore, if a company is involved in a cartel investigation, it should make certain preparations in respect of the investigation, including:

  • identifying or verifying the capacity of the summons by the KPPU (i.e. whether the company has been summoned as a witness or a reported party);
  • consulting with the company’s legal division with respect to the KPPU’s summons;
  • conducting internal investigations relating to the alleged violation;
  • preparing relevant evidence related to the cartel investigation; and
  • attending to the summons, accompanied by the legal division or an external legal adviser.

In addition, there are several steps that a company can take in order to avoid the legal risks that may arise from Competition Law violations:

  • developing a competition compliance programme;
  • developing competition guidelines that contain dos and don’ts for company employees in carrying out their duties; and
  • conducting regular compliance trainings and audits in terms of competition law for all business activities that have been or will be carried out by the company.

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