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Ius Laboris is consistently recognised as the leading legal service provider in employment, immigration and pensions law. Our firms help international employers navigate the world of work successfully.
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20 Jun 2023 Webinar: London UK

In this session, we’ll delve into the implications of technological transformation of our working environments. We’ll explore the potential legal challenges and opportunities these advancements bring, focusing particularly on the impact of AI technologies and the metaverse for the workplace. Sign up today to prepare your business for the future.

Our hosts are:  Cliff Fluet (UK) and Markus Janko (Germany).

28 Jun 2023 Webinar: Bogota Colombia

What happens in Latin American countries if an employee requests to work from abroad, both within and outside Latin America? And what’s the situation if someone is hired to work from abroad? In this webinar, our speakers think about the employment, immigration and tax impacts of these questions in a range of countries across the region.

IMPORTANT: This webinar will be live in Spanish.

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