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Torys LLP is a respected international business law firm with a reputation for quality, innovation and teamwork. Our experience, our collaborative practice style, and the insight and imagination we bring to our work have made us our clients' choice for their largest and most complex transactions as well as for general matters in which strategic advice is key.
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06 Dec 2023 Webinar: Toronto Canada

The current economic climate and regulatory developments are impacting M&A and partnership activity in the fintech, payments and loyalty space. In this session our panellists explore how the market is changing, regulatory developments and deal trends, as well the outlook for the industry.

Speakers: Ricco Bhasin, Cameron Koziskie, Brigitte Goulard and Mohammed Muraj

06 Dec 2023 Webinar: Toronto Canada

Join us for the final Breakfast With Appeal of the year. As we head into the festive season, we’ll be discussing topics from the BWA panel’s true love—fresh developments coming out of the appellate courts.

Speakers: Andrew Bernstein, Yael Bienenstock, Jeremy Opolsky and David Outerbridge

07 Dec 2023 Webinar: Toronto Canada

Join Niki and Andy for the final Patently Absurd for 2023. In this episode, they will discuss the age-old requirement of sufficiency and the date at which it is to be determined. They will also take a look at the EU’s new Unitary Patent Court and ask what we in Canada need to know about this new Court and process. Lastly, fellow intellectual property and patent lawyer, and Niki and Andy's colleague, Eileen McMahon, the Head of Torys IP and Regulatory practice, will answer those burning question you have wanted to ask, but never had the chance.

12 Dec 2023 Webinar: Toronto Canada

The nature in which generative AI learns and predicts involves the use of existing works and data sets. As a result, one of the most common discussions in the generative AI landscape is regarding who owns the intellectual property rights to its output.

Join us as we explore who owns what when it comes to generative AI, and the IP laws that currently exist in the space.

Speakers: Ed Fan and Danielle Colliver

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