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Amereller Legal Consultants
In many Arab countries, including Jordan, special legislative and regulatory instruments are in place to provide certain protections for local commercial agents and distributors.
Discus Holdings
The applicants now must deposit 1,5 million USD on a zero-interest account for five years at the Central Bank of Jorden.
The Ministry of Labour in Jordan has published the list of professions for highly-skilled foreign nationals, who as of September 2019
The Ministry of Labour in Jordan created a mandatory new work authorization route for highly-skilled foreign workers that requires a higher government fee than regular work permits.
United Trademark & Patent Services
One of the amendments which were outlined in the new regulation is that any third party may review the patent files, if the same has been published.
Al Armouti Lawyers & Consultants
In anticipating the near future of world trade, and aside from reality, basic rationalism could find some positivity in the presidency of Donald Trump.
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal
Technology Transfer Contracts became one of the most vital controlling economic tools used by developed countries - owners of technology- over developing countries in a New Economic Global Order, ...
NJQ & Associates
As the basis for protection of creativity and human invention, the need for Industrial Property to protect patents, trade marks, industrial designs & models and integrated circuits was sought to ensure an appropriate environment ...
NJQ & Associates
The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply has, on 30 January 2019, announced regulation No. 5 of 2019 amending the patent regulations and patent fees.
NJQ & Associates
On 16 August 2016, we filed a trademark application for registration on behalf of our client, MEERA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, for SAYONAPPS in classes 11. The application was assigned serial number 30308.
Holland & Knight
Holland & Knight recently advised a client in connection with the purchase of an Airbus A320-200 aircraft registered in Jordan.
STA Law Firm
Jordanian government announces a new Ministerial Code of Conduct for the governance of conduct and the avoidance of conflict of interest.
Al Tamimi & Company
The Rights of Disabled Persons Law Number 20 of 2017 (the "Law"), effective from 30th August 2017, repeals and replaces the previous law issued in 2007.
The Law Regulating Dealings in Foreign Stock Markets has now been issued, replacing the temporary law No. 50 of 2008. The law is comprised of eight Articles.
The Council of Ministers has issued its decision No. 31/16/2/35099 on 18 August 2016 approving that all customs exemptions awarded to fixed assets...
The Regulation offers significant changes as compared with the old regulation, which we have examined in more detail below.
NJQ & Associates
The trademark was published in the Official Gazette on 2 January 2011.
NJQ & Associates
Ahmad Hisham Hassan, a Kuwaiti trader, filed on 24 December 2005 a trademark application for "UNOSPRESSO" in class 42 under no. 74116.
NJQ & Associates
A new Trademark Law was issued in 2009 and published in the Official Gazette late that year.
NJQ & Associates
United Brothers Co., a Palestinian company, has filed a trademark application for "Al Ain & device" in class 29, application no. 15962, and it was published on 26 April 2010.
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