Date: 22 March 2023
Time: 11:00 AM UTC
Duration: 60 min
Language: English
Format: Online
This webinar is over - watch on demand here

Worldwide: Non-Fungible Tokens: Legality, Money Laundering And Intellectual Property

This webinar will focus on the aspect of concept of Non-Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”) under the Indian legal system, with specific focus on the issues of money laundering and Intellectual property rights.

The Webinar will be divided into four parts as follows:

1. Introduction – This will include introduction to NFTs, its genesis and characteristics and the 
types of works traded as NFTs. A brief overview of the laws/regulations that govern NFTs will be provided.

2. Procedure – This part is sub-divided into 3 sections for ease of understanding:

a. Creation – This section will cover the process of creation of NFTs, the various process/steps involved in the creation of NFTs along with the laws/regulations applicable to each of such steps.
b. Listing of NFTs – This section will cover the process of listing/minting of NFTs, the role of blockchain and the various platforms/marketplaces where NFTs are listed and along with the laws/ regulations applicable to every step in the process involved.
c. Trading – This section will cover the procedure for trading NFTs, the nature of transactions in such trade, the concept and structure of smart contracts and the means of trading, for eg. Cryptocurrencies along with the laws/regulations applicable to the procedure.

3. Legal Lacunae – This part will cover loopholes/drawbacks attached to NFTs and the entire process from creation to trading of NFTs including the scope for abuse of NFTs.

4. Penal Laws – This part will cover the remedies/measures available to every entity involved 
in the creation and trading of NFTs.

Ayush Agarwala

Ayush heads the dispute practice in the Mumbai office of K Law. With a career spanning almost 14 years, Ayush has vast experience in international and domestic disputes, white collar crimes and insolvency and bankruptcy. He has advised several corporate power houses and multinational companies, both domestic and international spanning various industries and sectors. He has extensive experience in various sectors which include technology, shareholder disputes, infrastructure and energy.

Gautam KM

Gautam is an associate partner based out of the Bangalore office of the firm. He started his career at Krishnamurthy and Co. (“K Law”).

Gautam is an experienced legal professional with over twelve years of working in the broadcast media and technology industry. He has worked in leading media channels, Fortune 500 companies and law firms specialising in media, entertainment, technology and data privacy laws. Prior to joining K Law, Gautam was the Senior Manager / Consultant at Sony Pictures Networks India.

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