The Biden Administration brought an Obama-era program back to life that was nearly another casualty of Trump's restrictive immigration actions. Biden reversed Trump's elimination of the International Entrepreneur Rule (IER - also known as International Entrepreneur Parole or the "Startup Visa") in May 2021 in the hopes of fostering economic development and job growth in the United States. The rule provides an additional path for international entrepreneurs to grow their companies in the U.S., providing critical jobs and boosting the U.S. economy as a result.

Before Trump slashed the program, few foreign nationals in the startup industry were able to take advantage of the program, but attorneys Elise Fialkowski and Drew Zeltner have been tracking this program from the start and can offer insights on how best international entrepreneurs can leverage the program.

  • Who can benefit from this program?
  • What role does the foreign national need to have in the startup company?
  • What is the background of this rule?
  • What are the requirements and qualifications?
  • What round of funding is this viable at?
  • Is there a path to a green card?

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