In 2024, the start-up landscape is evolving at lightning speed, and safeguarding your intellectual property (IP) is more critical than ever. Your IP distinguishes you from the competition, helps attract investors, fosters a positive approach towards growth and expansion and helps you maintain a competitive edge.

Last year, we were proud to harness Marks & Clerk's expertise into a digestible and practical guide to IP for start-ups: The IP Driven Start-up by Robert Lind and it's been incredibly encouraging to see how well those messages continue to resonate with the business community.

The IP Driven Start-up is free to read on our website can be accessed here and Robert's advice for the start-up community in 2024, as featured in Business Express today, can be found below.

Start-ups are under greater pressure during this challenging economic period but acting now to increase the value of their enterprises will safeguard founders for the future. IP assets – particularly registered IP assets including patents and trademarks – have a tangible value that directly correlates to the overall value of a company. And if founders take a sensible approach to pursuing protection, the value gained can and should be many multiples of the investment put into securing the asset.


The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.