We reported on 12 April 2022 on the Agricultural Wages (Wales) Order 2022, which came into effect on 22 April 2022 and applied retrospectively from 1 April 2022.

We highlighted that the published rates were subject to the qualifier that national minimum wage rates must be paid if they are higher. Now, the Agricultural Wages (No 2) (Wales) Order 2022 has been made and applies retrospectively from 1 April 2022, revoking and replacing the previous Order, subject to some changes and a transitional provision.

The new grading structure introduced by the previous Order has been maintained but the minimum hourly rates have increased, in some cases to bring them in line with the national minimum wage (which employees were entitled to in any event) and in others (marked with an asterisk below) beyond the minimum rates which employers were required to pay prior to the implementation of the new Order. 

As well as hourly rates, the new Order includes provisions about sick pay, time off, holiday pay and bereavement leave.

The annual leave entitlement and payments in lieu of annual leave have not changed since the previous Order.

The rates of pay and other allowances that are payable are set out below. 

Grade                                                                                   Rate per hour

A1 – Agricultural Development Worker (16-17 years)          £4.81

A2 – Agricultural Development Worker (18-20 years)          £6.83

A3 – Agricultural Development Worker (21-22 years)          £9.18

A4 – Agricultural Development Worker (23 years+)             £9.50

B1 – Agricultural Worker (16-17 years)                                £4.81

B2 – Agricultural Worker (18-20 years)                                £6.83

B3 – Agricultural Worker (21-22 years)                                £9.18

B4 – Agricultural Worker (23 years+)                                   £9.79*

C – Agricultural Advanced Worker                                       £10.08*

D – Senior Agricultural Worker                                            £11.06*

E – Agricultural Manager                                                     £12.13*

Apprentice Year 1                                                                £4.81

Apprentice Year 2 (aged 16-17)                                          £4.81

Apprentice Year 2 (aged 18-20)                                          £6.83

Apprentice Year 2 (aged 21-22)                                          £9.18

Apprentice Year 2 (aged 23+)                                             £9.50

Other Allowances 

Dog Allowance                                                                   £8.53   Per Dog Per Week

Night Time Work Allowance                                               £1.62   Per Hour of Night Work

Birth Adoption Allowance                                                   £67.09 For Each Child

The new Order can be accessed here

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.