In the Official Gazette numbered 31615 and dated 01.10.2021, new Amendments on the Emergency Regulations in Workplaces have been published.

You can find the details below:

1) Per Article 8; The below cases would need to be considered on risk evaluations for emergencies.

a) Fire and explosion possibilities

b) Spreading, poisoning, and epidemic disease possibilities due to dangerous chemicals, biological, radioactive, and nuclear materials.

c) Natural disaster possibilities

d) Sabotage possibility.

2) Per Article 11; The employer is obliged to establish emergency teams for the below:

a) Extinguishing team.

b) Rescue team.

c) Protection team.

d) First aid team.

3) Per Article 15, all employees would need to be informed about the extinguishing, rescuing, protection, and first aid teams.

The new hires and the temporary assignees from another employer would also need to be informed about emergency plans and health and safety education.

4) Per temporary Article 3, the emergency teams can perform their duties for 6 months following the publication date of this regulation. Within this period, re-assignment of the support members and document updates would need to be done per Article 11.

You can reach the Official Gazette via the link (In Turkish.)

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