Managing partner Bob Cox recently sat down with Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly to discuss Bowditch's recruiting efforts and vision for the future.

When asked what sets Bowditch apart, he said:

We are very much focused on transition planning and building the next generation of talent. We run our firm like the business that it is and we are not afraid to talk about business issues in our plans for the future. We also ensure that every attorney has a business plan — or a transition plan if they are closer to retirement — which puts us ahead of other firms.

And when asked about the firm's culture, he answered:

Our firm has been around for more than 100 years and the partners are planning to have the firm around for another 100. We see ourselves as stewards for the organization and we make decisions for the firm's long-term health. This commitment to legacy causes us to run our business differently, fosters loyalty, and contributes to our caring and generous culture. And while we celebrate those aspects of the firm that have worked over the years, we also recognize that things change and modernize when necessary.