With the 2019 federal election on the horizon and new pre-election rules taking effect June 30, we invite you to join Blakes and guest speakers for a discussion on key business and legal areas to be aware of during election season.


  • The legal considerations in an election period, including with respect to third-party activities, lobbying and political activities
  • Government decision-making, dealing with the public sector and lobbying in an election cycle
  • Merger and acquisition timing in an election cycle
  • Policy areas that could be impacted by the 2019 federal election
  • Lawyers registration obligations and the conflict between this and the duty of confidentiality


  • Cathy Beagan Flood, Partner, Blakes
  • Barry Campbell, Founder and President, Campbell Strategies
  • Don Guy, Chief Executive Officer, Pollara
  • Jason Lietaer, President, Enterprise Canada
  • Alexis Levine, Partner, Blakes
  • Maria Nasr, Associate, Blakes
  • Julie Soloway, Partner, Blakes