To simplify the establishment of investments within the country and position Mexico as a destination for foreign investment considering the "nearshoring" phenomenon, the Ministry of Economy has instituted a single-window investor portal and an investment projects unified registry.

The single-window investor portal aims to offer individuals interested in investing in Mexico with pertinent information concerning the federal, state, and municipal approvals that will be required for the establishment of their investment. Moreover, it will serve as a guidance mechanism regarding the approvals and regulations applicable to the investment.

On its part, the investment projects unified registry aims to provide the investor with the support of the Ministry of Economy throughout the realization of the project.

Enrollment in the investment projects unified registry is voluntary, but it must be carried out prior to applying for the project's approvals. Only investment projects equal to or exceeding USD $100,000,000, to be developed in Mexico, will be eligible for enrollment. The minimum investment threshold may be amended at any time by the Ministry of Economy.

Investments in financial, banking, credit, savings, and financial innovation matters are excluded from the scope of the investor portal and the investment project registry.

The Ministry of Economy must issue guidelines that regulate the operation of the single-window investor portal and the investment projects unified registry, no later than September 10, 2023.

The single-window investor portal and the investment projects unified registry must begin their operation and functioning no later than January 23, 2024.

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