The UAE is a nation known for its large population of expatriates and tourists. The country is seen as an international business hub, bringing great wealth into the country and producing a highly diverse and desirable range of goods and services.

One area of business which has found its way in is the medical field. The UAE is continuously growing as a medical tourism hub, and it attracts many professionals of the industry including doctors and nurses from foreign nations. With this considered, it is, therefore, essential to ensure that these professionals are appropriately qualified and registered to maintain the standards of the country.

A law regarding medical professionals has recently received approval and looks to introduce higher levels of assurance and stability from the field within the nation.

Federal National Council Draft Approval

The newly approved law was discussed by the Federal National Council (FNC) just recently, and they look to introduce higher standards of regulation to the medical field. The law will apply to the whole of the country including the free zones since the subject matter of the law relates to the health and well-being of the people.

As per the law, no individual will be able to practice any area of medicine without the prior approval and licensing from the health authority of the country. Further to this, a doctor cannot perform work outside of what their license specifies.

This law will help to drive forward UAE's medical sector by assisting in the development of a world-class medical and healthcare system in the UAE. The UAE has a goal of having such a system in place within the upcoming few years, and this law is a crucial step in achieving just that.

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