• Political and economic stability;
  • Low or nominal taxation for companies;
  • Zero taxation for trusts for Non-Gibraltarians
  • No capital gains tax;
  • No death duties for non-Gibraltarians;
  • Specific laws to protect assets settled in trusts;
  • Common law legal system;
  • Bilingual English and Spanish;
  • Membership of the EEC;
  • State of the Art telecommunications systems;
  • Establishment and administration of Funds & EC UCITS as alternative to Luxembourg and Dublin;
  • Complete professional legal, accounting and administration services;
  • Confidentiality for the Beneficial Owners of companies and Trusts;

Gibraltar is an important offshore jurisdiction for forming and administering companies and trusts. Gibraltar companies are widely used for holding property assets, for trading and re-invoicing activities, for acting as investment holding companies and for marine purposes because vessels owned by Gibraltar companies may fly the British Red Ensign if registered on the British Register.

There are four main types of Gibraltar companies the most common of which is the tax exempt company which entitles the company and beneficial owners to exemption from all income tax and estate duty in Gibraltar. Gibraltar has no double tax treaties at all and no exchange of fiscal information unless criminal fraud is proven to the satisfaction of the Gibraltar courts. Evasion of taxation in another jurisdiction is not a criminal offence in Gibraltar.

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