NFTs – where creativity and regulation can converge. In this 'Tech Talks' series episode, partner Jerome Wilson and associate Carl Meyer, delve into NFTs from a regulatory, creator and consumer/platform angle.




Welcome to the intriguing world of NFTs – or non-fungible tokens – which can sell for millions of dollars or for nothing at all. NFTs continue to grab news headlines, in particular with the likes of artists, gamers, sports teams and celebrities stepping into the NFT realm. And yet what exactly are NFTs? What is the process of creating an NFT? How are they used, who uses them and why, and can they be regulated?

In this 'Tech Talks' series episode of The Appleby 'Bermuda Shorts' podcast, partner Jerome Wilson and associate Carl Meyer, delve into NFTs from a regulatory, creator and consumer/platform angle. From smart contracts, to intellectual property, to where NFTs fall under Bermuda's Digital Assets Business Act (or DABA) and what the regulator wants to understand about a NFT-related business looking to launch from Bermuda, they examine aspects of the ever-evolving NFT space and what lies ahead for these unique digital assets.

Listen to learn what you need to be thinking about from a legal and regulatory perspective when entering this new arena. Whether you are a creator, a platform or looking to invest in a platform, Bermuda's legislation is unique and forward-looking enough to cover all these activities and allow them to flourish in a safe, regulated environment. Let's talk about your plans and ideas – we would love to work with you. You can contact us here.

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