Many businesses, especially those in small scale, overlook the importance of hiring and maintaining a human resource (HR) specialist/ consultant in their businesses. Most business owners believe they have the expertise to manage people successfully while others consider bringing in HR expert expensive. However, businesses end up with employment related legal tussles and again, they do not reap the full benefits of optimized performance from the people they work with.

This articles explores 2 key support which human resource expertise brings to business and the great value addition to performance optimization of employees and its impact on business net growth.

Policy Development

Policy development is key to any business that is poised to stay in business. Human resource expert has the knowledge on what to include in employee policies and conditions of their employment. Employee policy must include a lot of things, particularly, discipline, recruitment, leave, welfare, performance management, talent development and termination, Policy sets clear expectations for employees, and it directs the business and its people on how to conduct themselves and the consistent manner of doing things. Policies sets the legal obligations defining the employer and the employee rights. In turn, policies protect against law suits, claims, discrimination and wrongful terminations.

Policy can be used as a communication tool for the employer and source of information for the employee. For example, a policy on recruitment would help line managers and recruiting teams to avoid discrimination of any sort when hiring a candidate. Termination policy would guide managers to make the right decisions to arrive at terminating employees' employment contract.

Employment contracts are areas which need guidance to ensure legal compliance. An expert HR has the knowledge on key employment laws and regulatory requirements. Due to frequent changes in employment laws it is harder to stay up-to-date with these laws and this is where an expert advice is needed most.

People and Business Development

The key focus of every business to make profit, stay competitive and remain in business. Employees need to be equipped with the right tools and skills for the job. When an employee become better skilled at what they do, the company produces better results and becomes a win-win for the employer and the employee. HR create and maintain a conducive work culture for business to thrive. HR drives business results by coaching line managers to support their team members in efficient way. HR uses data driven insights to draw interventions which yields greater business value. One top priority for HR is business performance which is underpinned by performance management systems. Ensuring that the business has a strong strategic objectives to drive growth and also has the best talent to deliver top performance. Great performance management systems ensures increases in production levels, higher employee engagement, improved customer service and help employees find value in the work they do. As part of performance management, compensation and benefits framework can be designed to align performance culture with how business reward its employees in a consistent process. These will in turn create high retention rates.

The benefits of HR support for businesses cannot be underestimated. Every organization, whether small or large, needs an HR expert to drive real business results; to take charge of business efficiency, productivity and growth. Development of employee policies, legal compliance and ensuring business has the right culture, the right people and the right interventions to achieve business results are paramount. HR will keep any business as a strong competitor.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.