According to a recent report by the cybersecurity company ESET, since the entry into force in May 2018 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Hungary's data protection authority has imposed the fourth-highest number of administrative fines in the EU for GDPR violations.

As per ESET's report, the total number of fines in the EU has exceeded 650, with a total amount of more than EUR 280 million. The largest fine thus far was imposed on Amazon Europe Core S.à R.L. in Luxembourg (EUR 746 million—not included in the total amount as it is being challenged in court).

Hungary ranks fourth behind Spain, Italy and Romania with 43 fines totalling nearly EUR 812,000. The average amount of a fine in Hungary is approximately EUR 19,000, and the typical reasons for imposing fines in Hungary concern GDPR breaches relating to data retention, information management and cybersecurity. 

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