On 26.01.2022 CySEC published a new Circular C484 regarding the registration of Registered Alternative Investment Funds (RAIFs) with the CySEC RAIF Register (the 'Circular') which repeals the CySEC Circular C285.

CySEC informs the External Managers of RAIFs about the amendment of the Directive for the registration and de-registration of RAIFs in the RAIFs register ("DI124-01"). The amending Directive has been published on the CySEC website.

According to the Circular, CySEC shall, within one month from the date of submission of the required information, assess whether the authorization of the External Manager covers the management of an AIF with the investment policy of the respective RAIF, and in case it does, CySEC registers the RAIF in question with the CySEC RAIFs Register and informs its external manager.

The External Managers shall ensure that each and every RAIF under their management, complies with all of their obligations as per the AIF Law, to be able to operate as RAIFs.

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