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At Stonegate Legal our lawyers assist, advise, and help people, businesses and companies with all civil & commercial litigation, debt disputes, and insolvency matters throughout Queensland. Commercial Litigation – we help people, businesses, companies, and partnerships who are involved in commercial disputes, we act for both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial Court proceedings. Civil Litigation – we act for people involved in all civil litigation matters, including property damage, defamation; negligence; insurance disputes; estate litigation, nuisance & trespass, and administrative reviews / appeals. Debt Disputes – we help people who are involved in a debt dispute. We act for creditor plaintiffs seeking to recover a debt, and we act for debtor defendants seeking to dispute an alleged debt owed by them. Insolvency – we help people and companies facing insolvency against bankruptcy trustees and liquidators. We also act for insolvency practitioners against people and companies facing insolvency.
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