What is an "At-the-Market" program and how can issuers establish one? What should issuers know about recent amendments to the Canadian ATM regime?

In our latest video, Partners Robbie Leibel and Leah Frank from Torys' Capital Markets group examine these questions, providing a brief history of ATM equity distribution programs and the implications of recent amendments to the rules. Some of the key discussion points Robbie and Leah raise include:

  • how the amendments to the Canadian ATM regime that came into effect on August 31 are designed to streamline ATM equity distributions in Canada;
  • how these amendments are spurring a surge in the establishment of Canadian ATM equity distribution programs, a trend that is expected to continue; and
  • how issuers can leverage the flexibility of an ATM program, including by controlling the timing, amount and minimum acceptable price of a sale of equity securities.

Watch the 17-minute video below for an in-depth analysis.

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