How might the law change over time in light of COVID-19? In this interactive session, lawyers from Lenczner Slaght and their in-house counsel guest will present a fact scenario that will allow for discussion of the potential legal issues surrounding the pandemic now and in the future. The goal of the session will be to spot emerging issues and anticipate potential changes to the law brought on by COVID-19. The discussion will include: When does a pandemic allow you to get out of a contract? How do you protect your client's contractual rights? " Material adverse change " Force majeure " Unconscionability " Good faith during changed circumstances " Risk management considerations from a GC perspective Can you get insurance coverage for business losses? How do you deal with insolvent counterparties and the coming wave of insolvencies? What does litigation look like after COVID-19? " Interim Remedies / Injunctions " Real-time decision making " How to do virtual hearings quickly " Ethical considerations for litigating in the new reality

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