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February 14, 2023
Start: 12.30pm
Finish: 2.00pm
Online T - +61 7 3231 2400

The ATO recently introduced a draft ruling and guideline on how it will interpret the test for classifying workers as employees or independent contractors. This followed the High Court's decisions in CFMMEU v Personnel Contracting Pty Ltd [2022] HCA 1 and ZG Operations Australia Pty Ltd v Jamsek [2022] HCA 2, which changed the approach for determining who is an 'employee'.

The consequences of businesses mischaracterising their arrangements with their workers can be significant.

In this webinar, our partners Fletch Heinemann and Sarah Lancaster will use a series of case studies to investigate the following issues:

  • How should you apply the employee/ contractor test following the High Court decisions – and what has changed from the previous approach?
  • What terms of the contract are most relevant to characterising a worker as an employee or independent contractor?
  • What is the ATO's position in its draft ruling?
  • When will the ATO consider arrangements to be very low risk, low risk, medium risk and high risk based on its draft guideline?
  • Practically, what steps can clients take to reduce their risk rating?
  • When will compulsory superannuation contributions need to be paid for genuine independent contractors?

The webinar will be recorded, so, if you are unable to attend at the advertised time, we will send you the live recording for future viewing.

We hope you can join us.