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4. Results: Answers
International Arbitration
Enforcement of awards
Are awards enforced in your jurisdiction? Under what procedure?

Answer ... Arbitral awards issued according to the Arbitration Law have authority of res judicata and are enforceable by the president of the court competent of the dispute. The application for enforcement of the arbitral award shall be accompanied by:

  • the original award or a signed copy;
  • a copy of the arbitration agreement;
  • an Arabic translation of the award if it is not issued in Arabic; and
  • a copy of the procés-verbal attesting the deposit of the award.

The president of the court issues his or her decision without hearings.

However, enforcement may be refused for three reasons:

  • contradiction with a judgment previously rendered by the courts on the subject matter of dispute;
  • violation to public policy in Egypt; or
  • non-communication with the party against whom it was rendered.

For more information about this answer please contact: Ismail Selim from The Cairo Regional Centre of International Arbitration
International Arbitration