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Does the fintech sector present any specific challenges or concerns from a competition perspective? Are there any pro-competition measures that are targeted specifically at fintech companies?

Answer ... The Competition and Antitrust Law (14/2010), which promotes competition and prohibits anti-competitive practices, applies to natural and legal persons undertaking production or trade activities or providing services. The law provides for the establishment of an Antitrust Council; however, as yet this council has not been established.

Any activity or agreement which has the purpose of disrupting competition – including fixing the prices of goods and services or conditions of sale, obstructing market entry or gaining competitive advantage by selling at a loss – is prohibited.

No pro-competition measures are targeted specifically at fintechs. However, fintech companies undertaking production or trade activities or providing services are subject to the Competition and Antitrust Law and benefit from the protections granted thereunder.

For more information about this answer please contact: Lama Abou Ali from Aljad Law