Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA)
With firms representing more than 90 countries, each GALA member has the local expertise and experience in advertising, marketing and promotion law that will help your campaign achieve its objectives, and navigate the legal minefield successfully. GALA is a uniquely sensitive global resource whose members maintain frequent contact with each other to maximize the effectiveness of their collaborative efforts for their shared clients. GALA provides the premier worldwide resource to advertisers and agencies seeking solutions to problems involving the complex legal issues affecting today's marketplace.
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31 Jan 2023 Webinar: New York United States

As in person connection has been less accessible over the last few years businesses have relied more on other means to connect with clients to build trusted relationships, one of these means has been through telemarketing. However, this comes with a host of considerations for businesses including whether you are abiding by consumer regulations, privacy regulations, general advertising regulations and more. Telemarketing complaints and lawsuits are quickly growing around the globe. How can this crucial marketing channel be effectively implemented while remaining compliant with telemarketing legislation?

Join members of the GALA from the USA, the UK, the EU, Mexico, & India as we explore new global developments in telemarketing regulation and help you to ensure your telemarketing business practices are above board and able to withstand the scrutiny of government regulators.


08 Feb 2023 Webinar: New York United States

Over the last year, there were significant legislative, litigation, and regulatory and self-regulatory developments related to advertising law. Members of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance will provide an overview of some of the key developments in advertising law around the world over the last year including:

  • Social media and influencers – 15 minutes
  • Environmental marketing – 15 minutes
  • Dark patterns – 15 minutes
  • Substantiating advertising claims – 15 minutes
  • Regulatory enforcement priorities – 15 minutes
  • Taste and cultural concerns – 15 minutes

Who Should Attend: In-house counsel, outside attorneys, compliance, communications, media, and other allied professionals interested in advertising law around the world


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