Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what's happening in the world of legalized marijuana.

This week, we see that the U.S. Virgin Islands legalized cannabis for adult use. Mississippi saw its first medical marijuana sale. Will Delaware pass a legalization bill this year - color us skeptical. The FDA released guidance on cannabis-derived drugs. And finally, if you're looking to buy an American flag, you might consider one made of hemp.


USVI Governor Albert Bryan signed a bill legalizing adult use of cannabis late last week. Now, the hard work of regulation begins. Estimates for how long that process could take run from 18 months to five years, so don't hold your breath. Expungement of simple cannabis convictions are part of the new law, and the Governor pardoned those convicted at the bill signing ceremony.


We've been reporting on Mississippi's medical marijuana journey for a quite a while now. It was full of twists and turns and many times, one wondered if it would ever lead to a legal sale. Well, patience has finally been rewarded. On Wednesday, the first medical cannabis transaction happened, although even that was hindered at first by a glitch in the point of sale system. But perseverance won the day, and the market is official open for business.


Another Delaware legislative session, another attempt at legalizing cannabis. With a legal market to the north in New Jersey and another about to open up to the south in Maryland, the geography is in the law's favor. The problem? Any bill dealing with tax and revenue (which the bill dealing with setting up a market does) has to pass by a super-majority. If the sponsors get over that hurdle, Governor John Carney (D) opposes full legalization. Of course, even unlikely things do happen (see the Mississippi piece above), but it seems like a long shot.


If you're a scientist looking to do research on drugs derived from cannabis or hemp, you need to check out this notice from the Federal Register. The guidance discusses approved sources of cannabis, and how to distinguish between hemp and marijuana. What it doesn't do is provide rules for marketing. Expect a Congressional hearting on that topic.


The North Dakota House of Representatives approved a resolution this week encouraging residents to purchase American flags made out of hemp. The resolution indicates that the first American flags were made of hemp and that the material is durable. Thinking of burning a hemp flag in a political protest? The resolution's sponsor says there will be no "smell-related" problems.

Stay safe and be well everyone - we'll see you next week!

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