Date: 13 July 2022
Time: 2:00 PM UTC
Duration: 60 min
Language: English
Format: Online
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Worldwide: Doing Business with Web3: History, Regulation and Opportunities

Web3 is the evolution of web 2.0 into an Internet that offers significant business and income opportunities to entities across the globe. It has the potential to entirely change the way we conduct commerce across jurisdictions. As a result, new markets have opened up in existing ecosystems, expanding the products and services that can be offered by businesses.

In this webinar we will discuss (a) The history of money and how we got here; (b) What the shape of the web3/blockchain industry looks like presently; and (c) How do we go into the future with blockchain technology? 

Speakers include:

Dhrupad Das, Partner & Founder, Panda Law, who will track the co-evolution of money and regulations, from the early days of using shells, through minted coins and paper currency, to the current digital money revolution. 

Pranay Agrawala, Partner, Panda Law, who will address how businesses navigate the current regulatory landscape and will discuss the ways and means of conducting blockchain/web3 business, with a global perspective. 

Nishchal Anand, Partner, Panda Law, who will explore the interface of intellectual property with Web3 applications including blockchain technologies covering subjects such as licensing, NFTs and the metaverse. He will also discuss the future of enforcement of rights on Web3.

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Dhrupad Das

Dhrupad is a partner at Panda Law and a litigator practicing in Delhi and Guwahati for over 12 years.  His technology practice is focused on structuring digital asset and blockchain businesses, integration of transition technologies with traditional legal and business models. Dhrupad also regularly advises and represents publicly listed companies, public sector enterprises, regulatory bodies and entities in the blockchain and digital asset industry. Dhrupad is an artist, and holds a Permaculture Design Certificate.

Pranay Agrawala

Pranay is a partner at Panda Law and a technology lawyer practicing corporate and commercial law since 2009. He specializes in understanding technologies and bridging the gap between law and tech. He represents clients in the infrastructure, recycling, software & ITES, cryptocurrency, blockchain and allied industries, advising on commercial contracts and M&A transactions as well as appearing before judicial authorities. He regularly advises multinational companies and startups on structuring, incorporation, employment, regulatory and fund-raising matters. Pranay has represented Union of India before the Supreme Court of India, and presently represents government departments and public sector companies before various courts. 

Nishchal Anand

Nishchal is an intellectual property and technology law attorney practicing in New Delhi since 2009. Besides representing large corporations in contentious IP and data protection matters, he regularly advises tech companies and start-ups on legal and regulatory compliances including IP structuring, product structuring and data compliance. Nishchal has been a part of many landmark judgements furthering the jurisprudence on IP and data protection laws in India. He regularly advises clients across industries on the application and commercialisation of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, UAVs, extended reality, and CRISPR. Nishchal has a robust media and entertainment law practice.

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