Date: 16 June 2022
Time: 9:00 AM UTC
Duration: 60 min
Language: English
Format: Online
This webinar is over - watch on demand here

India: Deep-technology Start-ups & Venture Capital Investments in India -- Present Prognosis & Future Outlook

This Session addresses the topic of deep-technology start-ups in India; and, the current state of play in, and the role of, venture capital in this critically relevant and significantly crucial sector for the Indian, as well as the global economy, in the years ahead.  

India now lies at the cutting-edge of such technological developments -- and, can be a force of good in the world if only both the opportunities and challenges can be overcome and taken at their tide, respectively. The Tesla's and the space missions are just a few examples of the icing on the cake, the base of which -- deep technology -- has a strong presence, and potential for exponential growth, in India.

The programme will cover the following key topics or issues:

  •  India's historical basis for its strengths in deep technology and technology-enabled industries and sectors.
  • What are the emerging key deep technology sectors in India?  From pure scientific development through education-technology, health-technology, and many more areas.
  • What are the key challenges on building and scaling-up Indian enterprises in these sectors?
  • How does one address, tackle, and turn to ones advantage, India's regulatory and investment structures and systems, both domestic and cross-border?
  • What are the key takeaways on structuring entities and enabling investments in (and, daresay, exits from) India in such deep technology industries. 

This webinar -- by identifying the current lay of the land and crystal-gazing into the future as regards this key industry sector in India, broadly defined -- will benefit both entrepreneurs (in India and globally) as well as Indian and cross-border investors, lawyers, and other professional advisors / consultants in unpacking and tackling this emerging and growing sector globally.

Siddharth Raja

A seasoned Indian corporate lawyer, Siddharth – now in his 24th year of practice – focuses on private equity and venture capital transactions; and on cross-border and domestic mergers and acquisitions.  He has been highly ranked for several years, including by Chambers & Partners – lauded for his "global business perspective", "attention to detail", and "excellent technical knowledge". Siddharth is currently one of the founder Partners of the Bangalore-headquartered full-service law firm, Saakshya Law; his fourth law practice, founded in 2019.  Siddharth has worked in several of the leading financial capitals of the world, including Mumbai, Hong Kong, and London. He strongly believes that a well-rounded commercial lawyer, with experience and judgment -- along with a sense of historical background -- is a must for Indian businesses in a globalised world. 

Vishesh Rajaram

Vishesh is a co-founder at Speciale Invest, an early-stage, deep-tech focused seed fund. With over a decade of rich experience in building a deep science and technology fund, he has been a disruptive technology venture capitalist since 2007. Vishesh previously exit engineered a life sciences company, and worked across corporate banking portfolios with a leading bank in India. His current investments range across Enterprise SaaS, Cloud Infra, DeveloperTools, EV Mobility, Electric Taxi, SpaceTech, Robotics, ClimateTech and anything into the deep technology and disruptive technologies' spaces.

Srinath Ravichandran

Srinath is a Wall Street trader turned Aerospace Engineer with over 10 years of experience in Engineering, Finance, and Project Management. He has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy, and Masters degrees in Financial Engineering from Columbia University and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Srinath believes in using his multi disciplinary experience to solve large scale problems that humanity faces today. He started Agnikul with the simple idea that going to space shouldn't be the hardest part of living in and working from space.

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