Exciting times ahead for accountants! Global CEO envisions a future where professionals work hand in hand with generative AI tools like ChatGPT, unlocking "mental superpowers" for accountants. The potential use cases are truly awe-inspiring and have the power to transform the entire profession. With these innovative tools, CEO says accountants will become even more effective, delivering greater value and elevating the quality of their work. It's a remarkable shift that promises a bright future for the accounting profession! Are lawyers next??? #AIRevolution #FutureOfWork

Deloitte's global CEO sees a bright future for accountants working alongside generative AI tools like ChatGPT, which promises to offer them "mental superpowers."

"The use cases are breathtaking: They will fundamentally alter the profession," said Joe Ucuzoglu, addressing a University of Southern California financial reporting conference on Thursday.

"They will make people more effective," Deloitte's head added. "And I am a believer that this will be a significant net positive in terms of the types of work that we do and the value that we as a profession will be able to deliver."


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