If you suffered from a personal injury which is not your fault then considering a personal injury compensation claim is a common thing to do. In addition to considerable pain and discomfort for prolonged periods of time, suffering a personal injury frequently involves damage to property such as injuries sustained in car accidents. Loss of wages can being experienced and quality of life can be affected. If you find yourself in this situation through no fault of your own, it's common to consider a personal injury compensation claim as a course of action to seek recompense for what happened. As an established personal injury claims company, My Compensation has put together a pattern of the most frequently asked questions by clients before claims are launched.

Am I eligible to make a personal injury compensation claim?

We have a phrase at My Compensation and that is; eligibility is liability. The self-explanatory phrase means precisely that. If you suffered, it was not your fault and the third party was liable for the injury through negligence then you are eligible to start a claim.

For what types of damages can I claim personal injury compensation?

In addition to any physical damages which your body has experienced, you can also claim damages in other areas of your life which may have been affected by the incident. This includes loss of earnings, damaged property, loss of potential earnings (if for example, you are unable to work in the same job) and also any psychological damages which might have happened.

How long will it take to complete my personal injury claim?

This really comes down to the complexity of the case. On average, personal injury compensation claims in the UK take between eight and sixteen weeks to complete. However, more complex cases can take longer and very simple cases can take even less time.

How much time will be needed on my part to make a claim?

The majority of personal injury compensation claims are settled out of court. If your claim falls into this category, then very little time will be needed to take out of your day. Your claims specialist and personal injury solicitor will do the majority of tasks for you and any paperwork can be sent, signed and otherwise transferred digitally.

How much personal injury compensation money will I receive for my claim?

There are a number of factors which determine the amount of personal injury compensation you will receive. First of all, as above, any damages that you've suffered financially or materially will be taken into consideration. Secondly, is the injury itself. This is broken into two different factors which are a combination of the severity of injury and the importance of the body part which was injured. A finger is considered less important than a whole hand, for example.

Is there anything else which I need to be mindful of in personal injury claims?

As with road traffic accident claims, you need to make sure your claim specialist is registered with the appropriate governmental body. In the UK, claims companies must be registered with the Ministry of Justice and solicitors must be registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority. If there is no sign of this on the website, they're probably not trading legally.

How do I get started on my personal injury claim?

Any good personal injury compensation claim specialist will offer free advice and a free initial consultation. Check that the one you're considering Ministry of Justice registered and take advantage.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.