Finally settled on the kind of business set-up you would like to start in Ghana? Great! Now, you need people to enable your business be up and running, and that's where the journey of hiring begins. The process of hiring in Ghana is very crucial to every company as employees are central to the success of every business. This article explores key factors to consider when hiring employees in Ghana.

Recruitment in Ghana

Firstly, the hiring process begins with recruitment. Before the development of recruitment strategies, it necessary for you to carry out a "Recruitment Needs Assessment" in your company that would identify the job role(s) that require immediate occupancy as well as the competencies and person-specifications required for job performance.

Approaches to Job Advertisements

Job advertisements in Ghana usually take the form of print advertisement; where adverts are placed in national newspapers or online advertisements. Online job advertisements have indeed become increasingly popular in recent times as compared to print advertisement. Various job listings website platforms in Ghana such as Glassdoor, JobwebGhana and JobbermanGhana have been noted as huge traffic websites where job seeking is concerned. Moreover, social media platforms have become great mediums of attracting talent in Ghana. You can place your job advertisements on the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin accounts of your company as these platforms are able to attract a wide scope of applicants.

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The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.