In a recent article by Forbes, UAE was considered one of the safest countries in the world during the global pandemic. The credit for this achievement is deserved by none other than the government of the country. The constant efforts made by the government and the residents of the country has ensured the safety of the citizens during the global pandemic. Where on one side the government has imposed specific restrictions on the residents of the country to prevent the spread of the virus, on the other hand, they have issued several initiatives to assists the businesses and investors to secure the economy and their safety in the commercial market.

Dubai Property Lawyers will therefore discuss the nitty-gritties of new initiative of “Fractional Deed Programme” with an objective to uplift the economy and to offer economical options for small property investors.

The Initiative Explained

A fractional title deed viably partitions what might ordinarily be one unit (held by means of a one deed) into two or four sections. The investors may purchase up to half or one fourth of the unit. Each part or division of the unit will be held by means of its own title deed that might be managed or discarded, i.e., bought or sold, as would be the situation with some other deed. The scheme of fractional tittle deed is intended to pull in small investors and is generally suitable for hotel apartment options. This idea of proprietorship will permit such financial investors to become co-proprietors by putting a small sum into the property. Notwithstanding, this isn't limited to a specific objective market, as a DLD representative expressed that a partial title deed might be enrolled under anybody's name.

Albeit comparative in its appearance, the idea of a fractional title deed is not normal for that of a timeshare, which as a rule includes various investors purchasing "time" in a property whereby the proprietor has the privilege to occupation for a predetermined timeframe at whatever year, rather than the actual property itself.

Corresponding to the fractional proprietorship the proprietors will be required to sign the management agreement(s) with companies that work lodgings or administrations apartments, enumerating every one of the parties' privileges and commitments. Such understandings will probably be custom fitted to accommodate not just the customary working of the fractional property, yet in addition incorporate the strategies to manage contradictions and disputes. All things considered, the expenses of a legal dispute can override the savings of a small investor or the price paid for the fractional property. Henceforth, in order to save the huge chunk in a legal dispute, it is always advised to approach the Best Property Lawyers of Dubai for vetting the management contract for understanding or ascertaining the rights and obligations offered by the hotel apartment management company and the to insert such provisions which can increase the probability of avoiding the legal dispute. The impact of global pandemic on the country and its economy will proven to be the best reason for upliftment of the scheme initiated by the Dubai government.

Originally Published by Hassan Elhais, February 2021

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