On April 18, Samantha McDonald and Marnie Weir, the Worcester Art Museum's director of education and experience, were interviewed on the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce's Chamber Exchange by Chamber President Tim Murray about the WAM. The discussion centered on the museum's educational programming and impact on the Worcester community. Bowditch is a sponsor of the museum.

Samantha, a recently elected corporator of the museum, describes herself as a "fan." "People are moving to places with robust civic life," she says in the interview. "I highlight to developers how fabulous this place really is."

Marnie said the museum's mission is to connect people, cultures and the community through the experience of art. The WAM saw 100,000 visitors last year, including 57,000 through educational programs. "Worcester Public Schools have been going to the museum since the 1930s," she said.

You can watch the entire interview here.