Submission of Annual Returns and Financial Statements

Every company is required to submit to the Registrar an Annual Return accompanied by the appropriate registration fee by not later than 42 days from the anniversary date of the company and the financial statements by not later than ten months and 42 days (private company) or seven months and 42 days (public company) from the financial year end.

Officers of companies need to take appropriate measures to ensure that the annual returns and financial statements are filed on time. To this end, the Registrar reminded that the above documents can be registered through MBR's online services via and relevant payments of Annual Return fee effected to BOV account with IBAN: MT09VALL22013000000040025310447 or HSBC account with IBAN: MT91MMEB44026000000002173649001.

These can also be submitted in paper format and may be left in an envelope and delivered in a dedicated letterbox at the entrance of the MBR.

The Registrar further announced that if a company is effected by the COVID-19 situation and the filing of the annual return and/or financial statements falls within the period of 23.03.2020 and 31.05.2020, the relevant penalties on late filings of annual return and financial statements are not going to be imposed if these are filed with the Registrar by 31.07.2020.

If the company has other additional notifications to submit with the Registrar but it cannot because of COVID-19, the MBR is to be informed via email on The email should include the name and registration number of the company, the type of notification/return (eg. Form T) and the reasons why such return cannot be filed. If an email is not sent within the notfication period allowed by law, no revisions of penalties will be considered on such company.

Processing of documents and onsite inspections

Following the advice by the National Health Authorities based on recommendations by WHO and ECDC, the MBR will start processing paper format on the first working day after 72 hours from receipt of such document. Clients can also make use of our online platform Furthermore, on-site inspections will be held through digital means.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.