The adoption – almost on a daily basis – of new governmental measures designed to help businesses deal with the immeasurable consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic has led us to take several initiatives to keep you informed as best as possible.

First of all, we have decided to accelerate the pace of publication of our e-newsletters and to release a new issue twice a month, at least for the duration of the lockdown period that has been imposed in France since March 16.

All the articles that we publish here are already available on our site in the " Covid-19 Information Center" that we put on line at the beginning of this month of April. We will update it every day to report on legislative and regulatory developments in all areas: labor & employment, tax, banking, business, customs, etc...

In order to be able to provide you with the most complete information in the shortest possible time, we have teamed up with LightHouse LHLF, a firm specializing in tax and customs, with which we have forged close ties over the last few months.

A such, you will find on our website and in our regular e-newsletters articles written by our lawyers, but also by our friends at LightHouse LHLF.

Please do not hesitate to contact the authors of the articles, notes and analyses posted online in the "Covid-19 Information Center" and published in our e-newsletters if you wish to obtain clarification on a particular measure, or discuss a problem you have with a contractual partner, financial partner, your employees or the French governmental or administrative authorities! Our intention, by pooling our resources to inform businesses, is to participate in the solidarity effort to which we are all committed during this particularly challenging time.

Finally, life must go on and the COVID-19 must not overshadow all the other subjects likely to be of interest to companies. This is why we will continue to regularly publish articles unrelated to the consequences of this pandemic.

On a more personal note, the more days go by, the more reassured I am by the signs of goodwill that many are showing to face this crisis. In such a destabilizing time, there are only two possible attitudes: abandonment or a struggle nourished by faith in the future. From what I see on a daily basis, it is clearly the second attitude that prevails!

I am therefore one of those who believe that we will emerge from this planetary crisis stronger, more united and more intelligent.

Take care!

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